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Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

5 Sep

Cast the movie of your life.


Jake: Joseph Gordon



I’ve been trying to do this prompt for days and I just can’t think of how to answer this. I really find it frustrating. Maybe I’ll give it a shot some other time.


8. Someone you miss, who they were to you and why you miss them.

3 Sep

Momma Lisa

“I admit I’m not going to give the date because part of me forgot it on purpose because that other part doesn’t want to remember it exactly. In my mind, she’s not gone. When you swim in the ocean, you’re swimming with her. Her ashes were spread into the Colorado River and from there, her adventure began. Back to Hawaii and all of her other favorite places by the sea. Sirius Black did say it best, for those that love us never truly leave us. This was taken in Colorado and given to me by Cheyenne, because its one of my favorites. It’s also the original.
I guess I’m not ready to move on or something like that, but that’s fine with me. I don’t want to yet. I hope your project goes well, Amanda. Sorry for the rambling. Love ya.”
Written by a good friend of mine whom also knew her. Emilie Lyles

So, I’ve had this thing in my drafts all week. Every time I start to write I cry to much to finish. Nothing I say seems to do justice for this woman. She was like my mother, Momma Lisa, forever. She was a mother to a lot of people. To some of us, she was the only place to go when you knew there was no one to talk to, because no matter what there was always her. She listened to me as I sobbed and told her about how badly I was treated at school when I was a sophomore at Brenham High. She listened as I told her how badly I was treated at home by my father. She was just always there. She was my own personal Jimmany Cricket. Here’s why: About 3/4 of the way through my sophomore year I was so distraught and broken from the treatment I was getting that I wanted to kill myself. I told her that and this is what she said: “It would kill me if you were no longer here with us Amanda.” And that’s all it took, knowing that I’d disappoint her and that she would miss me. Obviously I didn’t go through with it, and that’s all thanks to this wonderfully amazing woman. She was kind and caring, always tried to make you laugh. She was an amazing listener and like I said earlier, a mother to me. I wouldn’t be on this planet if it wasn’t for that woman. I wouldn’t have made it through my sophomore classes without her. She always pushed and encouraged me to do my best. I will always love and miss her greatly.

R.I.P. Momma Lisa

You are forever loved by many!


Don't Cry, Laugh.

Peace be upon you!

Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile throught the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. Unknown

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